He affirms that Sanchez is taking steps for a Frankenstein government "that is not good for Spain" and "has marked a path and only the PSOE can stop it, as it has done other times."

He points out that it is Sanchez who has the initiative, that he could choose other paths and “does not pick up the phone to the leader of the opposition”, while after the elections “we saw the embrace of losers on Monday and yesterday, the galanteo with ERC”.

He considers it "unthinkable" to talk about dialogue with ERC, within the framework of the "authentic PSOE", which has contributed so much to constitutionalism.

Stresses that "the PP is against an agreement between PSOE-United We Can, something we all share."

He believes that Sanchez is "the president of no is not", that he was dismissed as general secretary by the PSOE and that "all Spaniards think that for this trip there was no need for saddlebags."

"Sanchez never looked for a government for April 28, he wanted at all costs the repetition of the elections and has laughed at the Spaniards, so that the same election night, he launched what he had denied before."

Bet on "the stability" of the autonomous governments of the PP and Citizens, which will be "the counterweight to very left-wing governments that already talk about cutting freedoms."

Stresses that the result of the elections, the lesson has been taken that if the right center had been united, “we would be with 178 seats and not before a government Frankenstein that our voters don't want. ”

He states that the center-right governments will defend the freedom of parents for the education of their children, transfers the support of the PP to the concerted school and ensures that “we will not allow the PSOE and the left to choose the education they want to have Spanish people".

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