Cuca Gamarra en la Diputación Permanente

The GPP spokesperson affirms that “if Sánchez was the one who appointed Iglesias, it is he who must dismiss him, because with his presence in the Government the rule of law and our democracy are weakened. Iglesias is hostage to Sánchez, as Sánchez is hostage to Iglesias "

He considers “essential” the appearance of Iglesias in Congress and the creation of an Investigative Commission on the probable illegal financing of United We Can, to shed light on so much shadow, which helps restore trust in our institutions.

He regrets that the Government is unable to generate trust because "we need it to attract investment, and generate wealth and employment, because without it in the institutions, in respect of the rules of the game, freedom recedes and is cornered."

He denounces that the daily attacks by Podemos on the prosecution, the media, the parliamentary monarchy and the magistracy have "a single objective: a smokescreen." "It is time for there to be a moral rearmament of the rule of law," he says.

He assures that "tick, tock, the time for Iglesias is ending" because there are too many shadows of mistrust that surround him. "Justice will say if it has criminal relevance, but the political relevance is already here."

"The accumulation of questions about the judicial problems of Iglesias is an accumulation of shadows that generate distrust not only about him, but also about the Government, which is what Spaniards need the least at this time," he says.

It warns that “in the face of the unstoppable work of erosion that this government has perpetrated in the democratic quality of our institutions, the PP will be relentless in its accountability, so that every penny of the financing of Podemos is investigated, and take responsibility ”.

It recounts the "long list of judicial matters that surround the vice president of the Church": alleged crimes of illegal financing, money laundering, discovery and disclosure of secrets, and computer raiding and unfair administration, the Dina case about an alleged false complaint by Iglesias and the alleged connections between Iglesias' lawyer and the anti-corruption prosecutors in the case, the recent report from the Court of Accounts where it appreciates indications of criminal responsibility, and the financial intelligence reports alerting of the links between Podemos and Neurona.

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