Political table “The challenges of cities in the 21st century”

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the PP has presented the table "The challenges of cities in the 21st century" in which the mayors of Madrid, Zaragoza and Malaga, José Luis Martínez Almeida, Jorge Azcón and Francisco de la Torre participated

Ensures that the Popular Party has in its DNA know how to agree and negotiate and that those hallmarks will be those that take Pablo Casado to La Moncloa

He affirms that Spain needs a “serious and responsible” Government that guarantees the stability of our cities and that happens by joining the vote at the polls next 10-N so that Pablo Casado is president of our country

He emphasizes that the governments of the PP are always “the lever for job creation” and focus their policies on “making country”, social cohesion and institutional loyalty, objectives that today are missed in Catalonia

He points out that the PP works for everything that unites the Spaniards and hopes that in the next elections the citizens will bet at the polls for “a project that leads us to look forward, the Pablo Casado project”

It emphasizes the ability to "unite and add" of the mayors of the PP who do "capitalization" and have met "the great challenge of governing for all and ensuring coexistence"

Bet on humanizing politics and "always think small, even if the municipality is very large" because behind each measure, there is the quality of life of people

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