La portavoz del GPP en el Congreso, Cuca Gamarra

The GPP spokeswoman replies to Calvo that the PP always reaches out to the Spanish because the important thing is with whom and for what

He emphasizes that the PP defends pensioners and civil servants: "In the Popular Party, we lean our shoulders with pensioners and civil servants, to whom you have decided to freeze their pensions and their salaries." "Is that why Minister Escrivá has been scared today in this Congress?"

He remarks that the PP also "reaches out" with the self-employed and SMEs: "Why don't you pitch in by expanding ERTEs to all sectors? Make a commitment here today with them ”, asks Calvo

He points out that the PP also "reaches out to the health workers who fight against the second wave of Covid, those who heard President Sánchez say that they had already defeated the virus." "Why don't you pitch in by supporting the commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic that my party has requested?" He asks the vice president

He asks Calvo, former councilor of the Junta de Andalucía: "Is this how you gained loyalty with Mr. Chaves, supporting the EREs in the Andalusian Government Council?"

"It is leaning its shoulder with a government that values ​​management over propaganda, the value of words over lies and the well-being of Spaniards over their desire for power," he stresses, "but that would be a Government of the PP and not what we have now "

He reproaches the members of the Government of the Sánchez-Iglesias coalition "for how much they ask for unity for how little they practice it"

He blames Sánchez that the calls of his Executive to unity are produced "while the president blanks the file of a terrorist imprisoned who committed suicide, negotiates rapprochement and announces reductions in sentences for coup leaders"

To Calvo: “Why do you show much more loyalty to Bildu and the separatists than to the Popular Party?

He warns that behind the slogan 'bring your shoulder', to which Sánchez resorted up to six times in his response to Casado in the previous control session, hides the Government's claim to “intimidate” the opposition into kneeling down , "And that's not us"

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