La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra, en rueda de prensa

Gamarra and Merino demand public explanations from the Government Delegate in La Rioja and record questions in Congress to learn about the intentions of the PSOE Government

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the Popular Party and National Deputy of the PP of La Rioja, Cuca Gamarra, has denounced that with the PSOE in charge of the Government of Spain “the present of the Center for the recovery of persons with physical disabilities (CRMF) of Lardero is the de facto closure, the abandonment of the training activity and the cuts in a very important resource for employment ”.

“The Lardero center is one of the most important resources that people with disabilities have to receive training and training to obtain employment. The low interest of the Government of Pedro Sánchez in the field of social policies, because one thing is the words and another the facts, is evidenced in the situation of non-activity, of cuts, in which the Center of Lardero has begun in 2020 ", has added.

Cuca Gamarra has made these statements today, day 17, during a press conference in which, together with the National Deputy of the Popular Party of La Rioja, Javier Merino, have denounced the situation of paralysis through which the recovery center of people goes through with physical disability (CRMF) of Lardero, dependent on IMSERSO.

A public and free center of national reference that offers people with physical and / or sensory disabilities of working age measures that make possible their personal and professional recovery that facilitates them to obtain a job. The center currently has 85 places for interns and 20 day places.

"The 14 teachers who had been developing training activities no longer work in the center and the general absence of activity, because there are numerous contracts for pending services, it causes that during this week no more than 10 users attended the center," he said. .

Given this situation of absence of activity, he has requested explanations from the Government Delegation in La Rioja and the PSOE about his plans for the future of the center. “Today, none of the contracts necessary for the center to function normally are tendered. Teachers do not work and users do not attend training. ”

Consequently, in defense of the rights of users and workers, Gamarra and Javier Merino have registered a battery of questions in the Congress of Deputies to know what future and what intentions the IMSERSO has about this center, if it is going to tender the contracts , will fill the vacancies, if you have informed the workers of your situation or if you plan to demand responsibilities from the Government Delegation in La Rioja for your inaction to such serious events.

For his part, the National Deputy of the Popular Party of La Rioja, Javier Merino, recalled that this center, which developed the training activity through the hiring of private companies, has a recognized national prestige. Responsibility for the non-bidding of these training services is shared between the Government Delegate, José Ignacio Pérez, and the Director of the center, Elena Rodríguez Cabrerizo.

“Users received a message in the middle of the Christmas holidays saying that the center, due to administration and management problems, would start its work later. Today is January 17 and we fear that this situation, given the lack of information and obscurantism, will continue for a while, ”he said.

In this regard, he pointed out that “there is no food service and neither, since November, the surveillance of the building. We understand that it is the step prior to the closure of the center planned by Sánchez and his Vice President Iglesias, which would be an attack on social rights in La Rioja. ”

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