Cuca Gamarra, durante su intervención en la Comisión de Sanidad y Consumo

• Demand from the Minister of Health to clarify to the Spaniards the widespread use of masks, of which only 38 million of the 600 promised have been distributed. "A poor balance for a great country that is suffering a lot."

• Ask how much material will the Autonomous Communities receive during the next week, in what situation are the reserves of medicines in hospitals and if the 5,000 respirators will be available before the end of the crisis.

• Denounces the lack of executive strategy when dealing with the situation, which has generated "mistrust and unrest" among the Spanish, and wonders what scenarios they handle before the next phase.

• “The Spanish need certainty in this phase. Neither hesitation, nor violation of individual rights and freedoms. Masks yes, masks no? Mandatory or voluntary mass isolation? Control of mobile devices, personality or respecting privacy?

• It requires the Minister of Health to explain when he will guarantee protection and test equipment to professionals who have been in contact with positives.

• Reclaim the Health holder to give the name of the company that distributes the false tests, and to detail where the official headquarters are and which agency invoiced the purchase. "When these questions are not answered, doubts are raised about what they are hiding," he adds.

• Complaint that Sánchez promised the Spaniards 6 million tests on March 21 and that, 20 days later, they have only delivered one million.

• Rejects the "discrimination" towards the elderly that is the guideline for the use of the tests approved yesterday and advocates that they have access to them as it is a vulnerable group

• Asks Health to clarify who is advising them at this stage and claims access to reports that support decision-making, because "we Spaniards have the right to know the truth and access it."

• It requires the Government to establish a system that allows for the accounting and knowledge of all the cases of people who were expected to die from the virus and who could not be tested.

• He warns the Executive that "not one more day" can pass without the health personnel, the FCSE, the Army and all those who work on the front line having the necessary protection material.

• "Failed in prevention and, with their ineffectiveness, incapacity and even their negligence, they are failing in protection," he moved to Illa.

• The incorporation "hastily" of health professionals infected or suspected of being so, describes as "reckless".

• Asks Health to recognize as specialists the resident doctors who finish their training period in May of this year and extraordinary compensation to the health professionals "in recognition of their professionalism and commitment to their compatriots".

• He wonders what would have happened if the government had implemented some measures before, given that they had contrasted information to deal with this situation and warnings from international organizations. "Legitimate questions from which the appropriate responsibilities should be derived at the time," he adds.

• He maintains that the Government has improvised and was late in making decisions.

• Clarifies that the merit of that light of hope with the data "is the result of the effort of Spanish society that is paying a high price, also of health personnel, the FCSE, and all those who work on the front line, not the Government".

• He remembers the more than 14,555 people who died as a result of this virus, shows his love and support for his relatives and for those who “today are fighting as brave against the disease”, while asking that “mourning be officially declared”.

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