Cuca Gamarra, durante la sesión de control al Gobierno

  1. You are aimlessly facing the important de-escalation ahead of us. The problem is that it does not go alone, but it takes us to all the Spaniards ” .
  2. He accuses the Minister of Health of not having adequately protected the population, disregarding the recommendations of international organizations and "occupying the role for which he really came to the Government: the conversations with the independentistas while the virus continued to advance."
  3. He reproaches the Executive for not having collected protection materials at the beginning of the pandemic, despite the WHO's warnings and for not having controlled the flights from Italy, where most of the imported cases came from.
  4. He criticizes that, despite repeated government announcements, "to this day we do not know how many Spaniards have been subjected to a test test" .
  5. He maintains that the single command to centralize purchases was used to requisition those made by the CCAA, thus generating "lack of protection with its ineffectiveness."
  6. It requires protection for restrooms and equipping them with adequate equipment, because "we have the first line of the fight against the pandemic without protection." "Not one more day," he warns Illa.
  7. "We expected him to make mistakes and apologize to the Spanish, but we know that his arrogance prevents him from doing so."
  8. He regrets that Spain holds "shameful world records", such as being the country with the highest number of cases and deaths per inhabitant, and registering the highest percentage of infected toilets.
  9. "With these data, which are scientific evidence and not coincidences, does the Government consider that it is adequately protecting the Spanish population in the crisis?" He asks.

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