• The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the Popular Party reminds the Minister of Health that outbreaks have skyrocketed, now totaling more than 200, and multiplying the cases by four in the last three weeks. "We are already the worst in Europe again", he added.

• “This time you cannot say that it was impossible to anticipate. The WHO knew it, the president knew it and the virus does not deceive. Why then a month later does it seem that the outbreaks have caught them off guard again? For his repeated incompetence ”.

• He accuses Salvador Illa of “indolent ineffectiveness” after denouncing that the early action plan – “what a paradox, you are always late” – is approved one month after the alarm state is lifted when the outbreaks and infections are already present.

• Reminds the Minister of Health that he remains the sole command under the Public Health Law and reproaches him for not assuming his responsibility, claiming that the competence belongs to the Autonomous Communities or the individual responsibility of the Spanish.

• "You are still Minister of Health, but you have long resigned from facing your responsibilities."

• "They will say that citizens, especially young people, have lost respect for the virus as it is today, and that is why we are contagious, but it is you who have lost respect for the Spanish by not guaranteeing effective measures." • Ensures that the Spanish need leadership and decisions, not "reporters of how the virus progresses again and chroniclers of the outbreaks."

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