La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra


  1. It is committed to channeling dialogue through parliamentary channels, because "forms and respect for institutions are the keys if any agreement is to be reached and if Sánchez's will to achieve them is true."

  2. He underlines that the PP is not going to sit at tables "whose intention is pure marketing and to do it with parties like Bildu or ERC".

  3. He reiterates that the PP is a party "loyal to Spain and the Spanish" and that its will is to contribute to "saving lives, but never to ruin or gag our country."

  4. Criticizes that the PSOE has blocked the appearance in the Health Commission of the director general of Public Health and the secretary general of the Ministry of Health. "Little transparency, little desire that we work together and that the Spanish know what work is developing Health."

  5. It requires an explanation after the statements of General Santiago, for which the PP has asked for the appearance of Minister Marlaska, the Director General of the Corps and that of the Secretary of State for Security.

  6. Complaint that the Executive tries to rest its responsibility on the Civil Guard, which for the PP is an "unquestionable" institution that will always count on its support.

  7. It disapproves of the government's attempt to censor individual liberties during the state of alarm through CIS questions, by preventing journalists from asking questions or the opposition from exercising control.

  8. "The government has an easy time minimizing the climate contrary to its management if it governs well, if it does not lie and is effective. The concept that Spaniards have of the work of the Executive is the result of the mismanagement that they are carrying out ”.

  9. He assures that Sánchez does not have "even within his own Government" the necessary unity to work for the Spanish "at the most complex moment from the health point of view and one of the most difficult in the economic field. "The constant tension between the ministers is a drag on the effectiveness and management of a crisis of this magnitude."

  10. He praises Mayor Martínez-Almeida's management for his "transparency and constant communication with the opposition." "That creates a climate of mutual trust and allows us to reach agreements."

  11. "If the government is united and not divided, if it begins to respect the work of the opposition and not to question individual liberties, it is when that climate of necessary trust can be created and that others have demonstrated that it is possible."

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