Gamarra recalls that when the vote is fragmented, the winner is Pedro Sánchez, so we say to all Riojans "with you we join"

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the PP and Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has affirmed that “we went out to win in La Rioja, to win in Spain and that Pablo Casado is the next President of the Government of Spain. We do it positively, calling on the Spaniards to join this project, also for the socialists who are disappointed with Pedro Sánchez. We go out to win the future, which is where we will live the rest of our lives. ”

“When the vote is fragmented, the winner is Pedro Sánchez. We can tell Riojans ‘with you we add’, because what is worth is the vote of each and every one of us. The objective is to overcome fragmentation, adding to each and every one of the Riojans. The PP is the only one capable of overcoming difficulties, ”he added.

Cuca Gamarra has made these statements today, day 27, before sharing, together with the President of the PP of La Rioja, José Ignacio Ceniceros; and the Candidate of this political formation to the Senate, Ana Lourdes González; a popular meal with 700 electoral agents of this political formation. In the meeting, also participated the candidates of the PP of La Rioja to Congress, Javier Merino and Marta Fernández; and to the Senate, Carlos Yécora and Rosa Ortega; as well as the Mayor of Agoncillo, Encarnación Fuertes.

“In two weeks we will be voting and working for this party, which is the way we have to work for Spain. Without you, auditors and proxies, the Popular Party would not be the same, you are the protagonists of the day-to-day Popular Party. Thanks to your effort, we will win the Elections, which is what Spain, La Rioja and each and every one of the municipalities need, ”said Cuca Gamarra.

In the same way, he has called on Pedro Sánchez to “speak clearly to the Rioja people, to tell us what he is going to do and, above all, with whom he is going to agree,” he said.

“In La Rioja, the Popular Party has to win and Pablo Casado has to reach La Moncloa to be the counterweight of the PSOE's policies in La Rioja,” he concluded.

The President of the Popular Party of La Rioja, José Ignacio Ceniceros, said that “if on November 10 we will have new Elections, it is due to the irresponsibility of Pedro Sánchez, who from the beginning wanted Elections. We will do a positive campaign to be close to everyone. We are going to work like never before to win the Popular Party in Spain and La Rioja and to show the exit door of La Moncloa to Pedro Sánchez. I ask you a new effort, to win to rule and rule to unite. ”

“On November 10 we will all vote for the future. We need to return to that united Spain, to job creation and to lower taxes. Three aspects necessary for Spain to move forward and La Rioja to go further, ”he said.

"The EPA data show that Sanchez and the PSOE are a risk to the Spanish economy, the PP is able to create ten times more employment than the PSOE," he said.

Ceniceros has held Pedro Sánchez responsible for the situation of political blockade that Spain is experiencing in the last six months. In his opinion, the Popular Party is "the only party capable of removing Spain from the quagmire in which the left has put us" because we have shown that "we know how to negotiate, reach agreements and govern by all and for all".

José Ignacio Ceniceros has finished emphasizing that the Popular Party of La Rioja adheres to the march of Barcelona in favor of coexistence.

The PP candidate from La Rioja to the Senate, Ana Lourdes González, thanked the Agoncillo PP for organizing this act "with the necessary strength to win the next Elections on November 10".

In turn, he has valued the work of the auditors and proxies of the Popular Party of La Rioja “for their work, for their responsibility. Thank you for always being there. The majority are anonymous people, with no charge in the Party or in the institutions, but who are always helping for nothing, from loyalty to principles that the Popular Party is proud of. ”

“The acronym of the PP unites us all in the defense of the unity of Spain, in the creation of employment or in the reduction of taxes. The PP has a human capital that we are proud of. Here there is no one left to prove to the left that they are passing through the government of this land and that they got it through the center-right division, ”he added.

"As soon as the Elections pass, the PSOE-Podemos Government is going to raise taxes on all Riojaans to pay their increase in high positions," he said.

Regarding the Government of Pedro Sánchez, he has indicated that “he acts according to his electoral interests although he knows that this is bad for Spain. He has paralyzed this country because he did not like the result of the polls. Spain does not need such irresponsible rulers, it needs a President like Pablo Casado, who gives stability, who cares about employment, about keeping us together and what the Spaniards need. ”

"If the PP of La Rioja has three senators and Pablo Casado is the President of the Government of Spain we will take measures to generate employment, combat the economic crisis or the regional financing that La Rioja needs," he said.

“On November 10 we have the opportunity to change the direction of this country. In La Rioja we have the victory in our hand, let's work hard, let's hope the Riojans and get the two deputies and three senators who are the ones who will really defend the interests of this land. Let's go out to win the Elections with a very high head and valuing our management. I hope that on November 10 we will be celebrating again, for the good of Spain and La Rioja, ”he concluded.

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