La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra


· He opposes the loyalty shown by the PP against the "disloyalty" of the Government and warns that insult or lack of communication are not "the way to unity". "The PP's loyalty to Spain is above all and we are showing it," he emphasizes.

· He considers the declarations of General Santiago to be "extremely serious", for which the PP has requested both his appearance and those of Minister Marlaska, the General Director of the Corps and that of the Secretary of State for Security.

· He denounces the attempt of censorship of the Executive during this crisis to the media, which have not been allowed to ask the opposition, who has not been able to exercise control over the Government; and now through the CIS questions.

· He warns that the attempt to minimize the climate contrary to the management of the crisis by the Government has nothing to do with the hoaxes but with the situation derived from the lies and the ineffectiveness of the Executive.

· He highlights the PP's willingness to "always serve the Spanish", but warns that his party "has never been and will not be" at the "tables that are an instrument of government propaganda without a sincere purpose of reaching agreements and seeking photos with ERC or Bildu ”.

· "Sánchez must create a climate of confidence, but the Prime Minister does not trust anyone, not his government partners, nor many people in charge of his party and he has constantly deceived us all."

· He affirms that the PP is not going to be with approaches that are based on "communist policies", because his party believes in freedom of business and the market. "The intervention or expropriation are in the Antipodes of what the PP considers positive for Spain and where progress is."

· He warns that in the de-escalation stage the same mistakes cannot be made as up to now and that it is necessary to convey "certainty and clear messages" to citizens.

· Reiterates the need to carry out the prevalence study to find out the epidemiological situation in Spain, provide protection equipment to restrooms and residences, as well as guarantee test access to the population.

· He advocates promoting dialogue with economic and social agents to "gradually recover normality".

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