La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

He affirms that Pablo Casado has “the long look” and that leads to overcoming a fragmentation space of the right center, which has resulted in the left winning and having a “reo” government of the independence and nationalists.

He explains that "personal issues are not the important thing" but that a "long-term and long-term path" must be undertaken with generosity and responsibility with the aim of agglutinating and uniting, as was done with Navarra Suma.

"The important thing is not today, it is the future and responding to what the social base of the Spanish right center asks the PP: to join paths and go together," he says.

He stresses that "what it is now from the PP at all levels, is to work so that on April 5 the Basques bet on that coalition with which an important long-distance road begins."

Highlights and appreciates the work of Alfonso Alonso as mayor of Vitoria, Minister of Health and spokesman in the Congress of Deputies and in the Basque Parliament.

Values ​​that Carlos Iturgaiz "has taken a step forward in a complex moment" and qualifies him as an "authority from a moral and political point of view" in the Basque PP and nationwide.

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