He wonders if Pedro Sánchez really wants to reach a stable government or if, in his script, he has foreseen from the beginning an electoral repetition because it benefits him.

He affirms that it would be "a real error for Spain and a responsibility exclusively for him" and would demonstrate that "he wants very little to Spain and plays with it with only one objective, power".

On the possibility of new elections, says that Pedro Sanchez should strive and work so that this does not happen, because neither Spain nor the Spanish deserve it, although he denounces that there is no logical negotiation, of government programs, just as made the PP in communities or municipalities where they have reached governance agreements.

Given the need of the Spaniards for "a Government that governs", Cuca Gamara has denounced that Pedro Sánchez does not have a parliamentary control, "because he has kidnapped democracy in Congress and the Senate."

Ironic with the vetoes of the acting president towards Pablo Iglesias, which he says he does not trust, since he has affirmed that Sánchez meets with all the formations and groups and pacts with them in numerous municipalities throughout Spain, "he lies more than he talks" . "He meets with those who speak of political prisoners, such as Rufián and pacta with ERC in Catalonia", whom he criticized yesterday, but who did not care that they supported him in a motion of censure.

He insists on the alternative role that the Spaniards have given to the PP and defends that, as such, it is his responsibility to give stability to the Government of Pedro Sánchez, offering him state pacts, as the party's president, Pablo Casado, has done. every time he has come to the calls of the acting president.

Affirms that the Rioja are stupefied by the instability they are living, because it has always been a politically stable territory and the change is not positive, because the socialist candidate has the responsibility to form a government "and does not succeed, it would be a failure to repeat the elections, the Rioja do not want it and they do not deserve it ".

Regrets that this situation is also at the national level, because it is "a show that do not deserve Spanish citizens, or Rioja."

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