Holders of his intervention:

  • He denounces that Sanchez has condemned Spain to be a State with an extended budget and without a Government, which is the protagonist of the paradoxes of the improper budget, the extended budget, the lack of definition and the double paralysis; that lead our country to a situation of slowdown and misgovernment.
  • Calls for the appearance of the Minister of Finance, to indicate the reasons for legislative breaches in terms of budgetary stability, for the lack of setting the objectives for 2019, and expose what measures will be taken to end this situation of encystment.
  • He denounces that, in accordance with the improper budget paradox, Sánchez executes a budget prepared and processed by the previous Government, in the case of propagandistically appropriating the results of its execution.
  • With respect to the extended budget, he emphasizes that given the impossibility of approving the path of financial stability and the ceiling of non-financial expenditure, all the rules of budgetary stability have been broken by means of increasing spending directly through the approval of Royal Decree Laws that create new rights, without defining what resources are going to be sustained.
  • Regarding the paradox of the lack of definition, the PSOE voted against the first laws of budgetary stability in 2001, for a decade after voting in favor of the introduction of the principle of budgetary stability in article 135 of the Constitution for what it demands to state what your position is, or if it depends on who your government partner is to accept a thesis or the opposite.
  • And as for the paralysis of the double paralysis, it should be noted that the Government's budget hypertrophy is condemning an induced paralysis to the Autonomous Communities that cannot receive the income transfers of the State normally.

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