Holders of their statements before the media:

  • It announces that the Constitutional Court has admitted to today the appeal for unconstitutionality presented by the PP in Congress and in the Senate, to the Basque Law on police abuse, "which seriously insults the Police and the Civil Guard."
  • “The PP is the only one that defends the FCSE, who defend us from those who want to limit our rights and freedoms,” he emphasizes.
  • He accuses Sánchez of opening an “auction with the CIS, the CNMV, ministries and powers” ​​so that the highest bidder is his Government partner. "Today the Spaniards do not need an auction but programmatic agreements that improve their lives," he says.
  • "If Sanchez is not able to agree, the PP will be at the polls offering a project with Pablo Casado in front," he says.
  • He emphasizes that "the PP is prepared to face an election if Sanchez blocks the formation of his own Government." “The PP will put on the table a moderate, calm, forceful and firm option on important, but inclusive, issues. A project that adds everyone to end this auction and with this grotesque show, ”he adds.
  • He says that "those who agreed a year ago – alluding to the motion of censure – today would do so again if it were not for discrepancies in the distribution of sites."
  • It contrasts the freedom project aimed at improving the lives of the citizens of the Canary Islands PP, which has been renewed at the regional and insular level, with that of the socialist Ángel Victor Torres who is an ally of Pedro Sánchez and “who does not claim funding Autonomous for the Islands ”.
  • He affirms that “in the Canary Islands it has been noted that the left governs because the tourism sector has declined”, which shows that “the failed project of the left has its greatest exponent in the Canary Islands”.

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