El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea, en rueda de prensa

  1. He denounces that Sanchez meets tomorrow with the disabled Torra "to negotiate the future of Spain" instead of sitting down with the autonomous communities that "have real problems and are having a bad time."

  2. He points out that "while the social emergency was once one of Pablo Iglesias' mottos, today we see how its only objective is to control the CNI and RTVE".

  3. He criticizes that the PSOE "has become a crutch of the PNV and a troupe of Esquerra".

  4. He believes that the president of the Executive "has already made his road map clear, and that we Spaniards have to rely on the only option that I could deal with the excesses of the Sánchez-Iglesias Government."

  5. Note that on April 5, Galicians, Basques and Catalans have to choose between the moderation of the right center centered on people or that the radical left prevails with Esquerra and Bildu.

  6. "The only ones who can stop Sánchez's plan for Galicia are the PP and Alberto Núñez Feijóo."

  7. He says that Carlos Iturgaiz "is an excellent candidate" and represents everything that the acronym PP-Cs have achieved, "a milestone that in more than 2,800 municipalities" and "governments that are fulfilling what they promised, lowering taxes and looking to the future "

  8. "The PP-Cs union is the focused and sensible option that defends freedoms and which the Basques should choose if they want to avoid a Socialist Party government with the PNV."

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