The General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, assured today that the PP "always fulfills its commitments and what it signs", and has recalled the need to "respect the 20 days that the mayors have margin to start up their governments. "

In this regard, he recalled that the fundamental point of the document signed for the conformation of the municipalities shows that those consistories in which PP, Cs and Vox added forces, these political forces would agree to evict the left, because "it is what interests citizens. "

Likewise, it has demanded autonomy so that the municipal councilors can determine which councilors should assume certain responsibilities. "The important thing is that there are municipal governments and that they work," he added.

In his opinion, the most important thing is to close the programmatic issue to ensure stable governments, while discarding the "offers to the weight of councils or councils", and added that governments "have to be useful to citizens."

"This is not a distribution of chairs, it is the formation of a very serious government, on which thousands of families depend and the investment that is attracted. We must establish the programs that we want to develop and the people who will do it, regardless of whether they have the card of a certain political education, "he added.

Therefore, the secretary general of the PP has urged Cs and Vox to make an effort to keep the government of freedom in the Community of Madrid, "because people would not understand that the discussion is on charges and not charges" , and would give the feeling "that we look like Pablo Iglesias".


In another vein, Teodoro Garcia Egea has been convinced that "Sanchez is comfortable with most of the motion of censure," and has criticized that he is "looking for an excuse to reissue it." In his opinion, "if I wanted to give an image of moderation, I would start today breaking with Bildu, acting in Catalonia, lowering taxes and agreeing with the PP a new electoral law of double return".

At this point, Garcia Egea has denounced that the acting president intends to sell a road map relying on constitutionalism with one hand, "while with the other is making its way with concessions to ERC, PNV even to the CUP as long as guaranteed the investiture ".

Precisely for this reason, has warned Pedro Sanchez that "do not bother" to ask the PP again to facilitate its investiture until it responds to the State pacts on Navarra, Budgets, tax cuts, pensions and electoral law proposed by the popular


In the press conference after the Steering Committee, Teodoro Garcia stressed that the Popular Party governs in four of the eight most populated provincial capitals, where after the agreements reached "we will apply our program to guarantee freedom governments."

In addition, it has highlighted that the PP is the political formation that more parliamentary activity is developing in the Congress of Deputies, with more than a dozen legislative initiatives, and has advanced that "it will develop a constructive and rigorous opposition".

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