El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

Teodoro Garcia Egea states that the suspension of the coup prisoners as deputies "is an obvious victory of the PP" to get "twist the arm of the PSC militant that we have today as president of Congress," whose intention "was not to postpone that decision to try to take it beyond Sunday's elections. "

Remember that the PP threatened yesterday to use all its parliamentary and legal force against a decision that it intended to take, "clearly prevaricating", postponing this suspension. "The heart of Batet and the spirit of the PSOE are clearly in favor of the independence," he warns. He points out that this decision demonstrates that the Popular Party is "the true counterweight" to Sánchez, and that he will exercise an opposition with seriousness, firmness, rigor and away from shrillness "that will achieve results".

"Today's decision supposes a victory of reason, of legal arguments, of the law and of all those Spaniards who are ashamed of the shameful spectacle that we lived last Tuesday and yesterday in the Table of the Congress of Deputies".

Garcia Egea says that the Spaniards who voted for the Popular Party in the General Elections can be satisfied because their demands and those of the lawyers of the House have caused the prisoners to be suspended in their capacity as deputies. "This is a warning to the PSOE and its partners that, while the PP is in the institutions, the full weight of the law will fall on those decisions that we believe do not go in line with current legislation or that violate the rights of all Spaniards, "he stresses.

Warns that Sanchez can start the legislature seriously damaged if he is president as a result of this "carambola legales"

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