El Secretario General del PP, Teodoro García Egea


  1. "When this health crisis passes, it must be investigated whether the incompetence of the Executive has endangered our heroes, those who were on the front line and have fought hand in hand to try to protect the population," maintains the PP general secretary. , who describes as "authentic disaster" the purchase of health care by the Government.

  2. He stresses that the PP is a state party, which advocates "not for magic solutions, but serious and rigorous solutions that protect the health of the population and help prevent an economic crisis like the one that is coming."

  3. He reiterates the need to untie ERTEs from the state of alarm, "which cannot be the cornerstone on which to base economic recovery measures." "We need a Plan B, a legal de-escalation."

  4. It requires the Executive that during the state of alarm no taxes are paid, as has happened in Murcia or in the Alicante Provincial Council with the payment of corporation tax.

  5. "The self-employed, who are in a state of alarm and have to have their blinds closed, should not pay the self-employed fee," says García Egea, who defends that "when the state of alarm is lifted, the ERTEs remain in force."

  6. It denies that the same cannot be done as in the state of alarm with ordinary laws, because before Sánchez decreed it, some autonomous presidents already did it to confine the population and suspend activities.

  7. Explains that the abstention of the PP to the extension of the state of alarm was a "responsible, state position that gives tranquility to the Spanish".

  8. He underlines that the autonomous and municipal governments in coalition with Ciudadanos "are bearing fruit", lowering taxes "and being effective in the fight against COVID". "We are setting an example of dialogue, joint work and consensus."

  9. It values ​​the work of the autonomous communities governed by the PP. López Miras was the first to confine part of the population and that Díaz Ayuso did the same with the closing of schools, "against the opinion of Sánchez." "Those decisions that were adopted at key moments while others were not making them, saved many lives and the population is perceiving it that way."

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