Teodoro García clausura del XIII Congreso del PP de Valencia capital

The secretary general points out that "on Sunday the model of Casado and Feijóo will prevail over the model of Sánchez and Iglesias"

He describes the attacks on the press as "inadmissible" and warns that "Sánchez's silences are more serious than Iglesias' words."
Faced with the defense of normalizing the Insult by Iglesias, he bets on "normalizing the agreement, the pact, the public service and exemplary"
He points out that we have to deal with what is important, a tremendous economic crisis. "The government measures are suicidal, they raise taxes on companies so that they cannot create jobs and on families so that we do not make ends meet," he denounces.
He affirms that "we are not stronger, because millions of workers, SMEs and the self-employed are lagging behind" and assures that "the new normal is the old socialist recipes: more taxes, more unemployment and more waste"
Remember that the PP president presented a few weeks ago an economic shock plan that "Sánchez has despised, like all the state pacts that Casado has presented"
Announces that "nobody can count on the PP neither to raise taxes nor to discriminate against the students of the concerted". "All students must have the support of the Government regardless of the ownership of the center," he says.
Faced with the scandal of Ximo Puig's subsidies to his family's companies, he points out that "he is a bad president, but a good brother" unlike María José Català who "wants a transparent, rigorous and clean Valencia"
He points out that with the election of María José Catalá as president of the PP of the city of Valencia "today the countdown begins to recover the city council"
He highlights that "we are living a historic moment for Valencia and for Spain with the election of the future mayor." "The journey that María José Catalá begins today in the Science Museum will end with the arrival of President Pablo Casado to Moncloa", he adds

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