Teodoro García Egea en rueda de prensa tras el Comité de Dirección del PP

Recommends to Montero and Iglesias that they agree on a "common position" before the Budgets that the parties can understand and regrets this type of "spectacle" of the Executive with different versions

He reproaches the "attempts at contradiction between the spokesperson and the second vice-president" and assures that "in Spain we must fight for employment and not for a chair in the Council of Ministers"The government has to choose between betraying the EU or its partners because it has promised them incompatible things with each other," says the secretary general after accusing Sánchez of concealing "his counter-reformist agenda agreed with Iglesias"

He paraphrases Pablo Iglesias before the cases that lie in wait for him: "When a government lies so many times, someone has to resign"

He affirms that in the Council of the EU, "Europe says yes to Spain and no to Sánchez's partners." "Election Fridays, the royal decrees of waste and the rallies in Moncloa are over"

He criticizes that the Government "is the most sectarian and radical of democracy but also the weakest" as evidenced by yesterday's "humiliating defeat of its social measures"

He considers that the Government is "out of the game" in the face of outbreaks and that a plan is needed to stop them, which goes through controls at ports and airports and a computer application "of which nobody knows anything yet." "Someone has to answer for this disastrous management of the pandemic"

He states that the "chaos of the single command is reaching the outbreaks and the autonomous presidents of the PP are coming forward, as always"

"To add and rebuild the PP will always be the first, Casado's hand will always be stretched out to save lives, but they don't count on us to ruin Spain"

On the second anniversary of Pablo Casado's presidency, he underlines that today the polls place the PP and the PSOE in a technical tie and make it clear that the PP "is the only alternative to Sánchez"

The leadership of Casado claims that in two years he has strengthened the territorial power of the party, being the first president who has managed to "turn a socialist regime" in Andalusia

"In Spain, either the PP governs or the sum of socialist, populist and nationalist forces governs. Either Casado rules or Sánchez rules with those supports ”

He points out that the PP exercises a "serious, rigorous and forceful opposition" but it also acts as the State party that it is and that is why Casado has offered Sánchez eleven great agreements, "despite receiving silence and contempt as the only answer"

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