El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

Confirms that a principle of agreement has been reached regarding joining forces in the Basque Country. "Two constitutional parties, which we defend Spain and the Basque Country, will have and work for a common winning project"

“This agreement implies joining efforts in the Basque Country to bring together all the majority of Basques who do not want to continue depending on a government of the PNV and the PSE because it is not giving the results that the Basques need,” he emphasizes.

"Now we are going to establish the mechanisms so that before tomorrow at twelve o'clock at night, the deadline to register the coalitions ends, we have everything ready, not only in the structural aspect but also in the programmatic one," he explains.

"We do not want a single vote of all those who believe in the Constitution and in Spain to stay at home, but to have an agglutinating solution to vote for," he adds.

He describes as "disastrous" the management of the Government of the PNV and PSE in the Zaldibar landfill "which is assuming that people are uninformed and concerned about their health as a result of the opacity of the Government."

Remember that in Álava, the PP did not get a seat in the last general elections, which went to Bildu, as a result of which the votes of PP and C’s were not added.


Given today's information revealed by various national newspapers about the Ábalos case, he demands that “Pedro Sánchez offer a press conference before the Justice asks for a reconnaissance conference”.

"If Sanchez was aware, he should give explanations and if he was not, he should not allow a minister to remain seated in the Council of Ministers having lied to all Spaniards."

Remember that the PP initiated a legal offensive in the courts, in the case of the "big lie" of the PSOE and stresses that it will continue to maintain it.


He regrets that Sanchez has made Torra available again, not only to the state media but also to his own agenda, thereby demonstrating that he is ruling for his partners and not for all Spaniards. ”

He exemplifies that for the president of the Government there are “Spaniards first and second” in the Royal Decree of Aid for the cold drop, which the Executive has circumscribed to the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community outside Murcia and part of Andalusia.

"We have a president, not first, but second. I am sure that Torra would not do it because his governance depends on him," he says.


This new assignment to the PNV is described as “extremely serious, because it does not harm only Spain but also the Basques”. "You can not defend everyone defending only part," he says.

“The sale to pieces that Pedro Sánchez is making of conquests that have taken time to consolidate is something that we will not allow

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