Teodoro García en La Gomera

"The Government is attacking the institutions that prevent them from scrapping the country," says the general secretary of the PP, who joins the "great regret" expressed by Lesmes for the absence of the monarch

  • “When he has had to choose between judges and Bildu, he has chosen Bildu; when he has had to do it between the King and ERC, he has opted for Rufián and Junqueras ", asserts García Egea in reference to the Prime Minister
  • He questions the Executive if he will only allow the King to enter Catalonia when he "has the approval of the independentistas." "It is the very high price that the Spanish will pay because Sánchez has some PGE from the hand of those who made him president", he adds
  • The general secretary of the PP accuses Sánchez of being "more concerned about fighting the PP than the virus." "How little consensus lasts, the outstretched hand and the desire to agree"
  • “The enemy is the virus, not the Community of Madrid, the City Council or the administrations governed by the PP. It is the virus that must be fought ”, sentence
  • It demands that the president assume his responsibility in the management of the pandemic, because the powers correspond "solely and exclusively" to the Government, as established by a law approved by the Socialists. "That it assumes its responsibility as the rest of the countries of Europe have done"
  • He regrets that "no one" has requested the resignation of the "accused" Secretary of State for Tourism, who is more aware of "his legal troubles" than of his powers
  • He denounces that, while in other countries governments inject resources so that the tourism sector comes to the fore, Spain "has abandoned it." "When the Canary Islands need help, the Government cancels their visits," remarks number two of the PP
  • He proposes the "Plan Casado" so that the Canary Islands become the first archipelago in the world free of covid and so that "Sánchez and Iglesias do not continue drowning the islands"
  • The “Casado Plan” is divided into six main axes: extension of ERTE beyond April, increase the lack of ICO credits in one year, allocate 30% of European funds to tourism, apply a super-reduced VAT to the sector, lower airport charges as Ana Pastor did and create safe corridors with entry and exit tests
  • It demands that the Canary Islands have a voice in Madrid because neither that of the Canary Islands president nor that of the socialist deputies and senators with minutes in Congress and the Senate is heard
  • "It is important that the Canary Islands are at the center of politics and decision-making, it is the only alternative so that the islands do not continue to drown," says García Egea, who denounces that the Government has forgotten to ask for aid to a sector on which 8 out of 10 canaries depend
  • He wonders what Minister Ábalos is doing to control the entry of viruses through airports. "If it does not put controls, the Executive will be throwing overboard the effort of the Spaniards in confinement, which is going to take thousands of jobs"

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