Teodoro García Egea en las jornadas

He argues that it would serve "to save lives, put technique at the service of people, health, freedom and security"

The PP secretary general denounces that it is a train that the Executive has let pass and considers "a serious problem" that the necessary controls are not made to travelers at the entry points in our country

He advocates controls at airports and entrances in our country "to prevent the coronavirus from limiting the freedom and security of people"

Criticizes that "the Government only has confinement as an alternative" and bets on applying mechanisms in an "orderly and effective" way such as mass tests or testing people at origin and destination

It stresses that the government's "mantra" that the population cannot be confined without alarm "is being dismantled by the way of the facts"

Remember that the PP has proposed that hospitals have a specific 3D printing department that allows doctors and engineers "to work together to save time, money and suffering for the patient who undergoes an operation"

Ensures that the challenge of parliaments is to adapt to new circumstances, take the train of the future, industry 4.0, specialized employment, collaboration between large companies, the university and SMEs, as well as "laws adapted to these new synergies ”

He affirms that "the PP offers in its municipal and regional governments what the Spanish want Casado to offer very soon from the Government of Spain"

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