Teodoro García en Bilbao

He assures that Pedro Sánchez “ties his future” to that of his vice president by not giving explanations about the Iglesias case

He claims that Sánchez "suspended" the usual press conference after the Council of Ministers "so as not to have to explain the shameful Pablo Iglesias case"
He reproaches the support of the Basque nationalists to Sánchez and warns that "the Government's management is directly attributable to the support of the PNV"
Alert that "the PNV clearly supports Sánchez and that can only lead us to a fiscal hell" before the latest announcements from the Executive
He warns that the announcements of new taxes and the rise of others and the failure to extend the ERTE until December, as requested by the PP, will make the Basque Country "not a locomotive of employment, but rather a caboose"
He denounces that the Bilbao city council and the Basque Government "are turning their backs on the merchants, who are the ones who create jobs" and asks Urkullu to "step on the street and get off the pedestal that Sánchez raised"
He describes the PP + Cs coalition as a "model of success" and considers what the Basque Country needs, to save them from the "lethargy" to which the PNV has subjected them.

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