Teodoro García Egea en Sesión de control al Gobierno

"How are you going to end the Monarchy if you tried to end Errejón and you have him there, behind?"

“With what they spend on advisers in a year, almost 65,000 Spaniards would receive the IMV. But do you and Sánchez have any friends left to place? Employment is sinking throughout Spain and is skyrocketing in Moncloa. We have the most expensive government in history and it is of no use to us "
The general secretary of the PP defends the police and the military against the attacks by Iglesias. “You say that the police and the military are not useful. Who puts out the fires, the UME or you? Who rescues the people, the Civil Guard or you? If they are not useful, what are they doing guarding the door of their house? "
On the absence of Sánchez in the Congress: "The Falcon is to arrive in Brussels on time after the control session, not to go to a concert in Benicassin"
"What does it feel like to govern with an accused party?" The secretary general asks Vice President Calvo, in relation to her past as a councilor of the ERE, whose government stole 700 million from the Andalusian unemployed. "None of this is alien to him," he says.
"In Podemos, to make a career you have to have been charged or convicted," says García Egea, referring to Podemos leaders such as Isabel Serra, Juanma del Olmo and Echenique with problems with the Justice. “When someone is convicted, they are expelled. You give him a position ”, he assures
He reproaches that in the morning the leaders of Podemos demonstrated this weekend against Ayuso and then went to eat in the Salamanca district of Madrid. "In the morning to the barricades and then to the seafood platters," he underlines
“The Government of Spain is the one that has managed the pandemic worst in Europe. Why don't they support President Casado's Commission of Inquiry as they do throughout Europe? What are they hiding? ”He wonders.
“Let's save lives and jobs. Do not be late for this too, since 8-M have not arrived at anything in time "

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