• Ask Cs and Vox in Murcia to focus on what is important, because the disagreement between the forces of the center right is the only hope of the left to conquer the institutions. "We can not afford it," he emphasizes
  • Considers that Cs and Vox have an "exceptional opportunity to show that they are up to par" by supporting a liberal, reformist government, focused on general interests and away from radical positions
  • He praises the speech of Fernando Lopez Miras in the Assembly of Murcia, which has given a good sample of what is a government program that aims to bring together most of Murcia
  • "If someone is not able to explain why he opposes López Miras' project, he will have a very difficult time justifying before his voters and the society murcian why he allows a government of the left," he stresses.
  • He warns that "we must be aware of the role each one has based on the trust obtained", and adds that in government agreements "we all have to give in for Murcia, one more than others"

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