Teodoro García Egea junto con Elias Bendodo en la clausura del Consejo de Alcaldes del PP de Málaga.

Holders of his speech:

  • Calls on the Government not to turn Barajas into a new 8M as the "epicenter of outbreaks" of the pandemic, to push us back to what we have achieved "with great effort among all"
  • He corrects Minister Montero assuring that the PP's support for the normality decree was produced by the change in attitude of the PSOE, which agreed to dialogue, "something that has not been seen in this time"
  • The PP secretary general advocates prolonging the ERTE until December, because in September the economy will not be ready yet
  • Ensures that the "new reality" of Sánchez is the "harsh reality" of the closure of companies such as Pullmantur, Nissan or Alcoa
  • It asks the Government to allow the municipalities to dedicate the surplus to mitigate the effects of COVID and for the Executive to transfer the money to manage the Minimum Vital Income
  • He considers that the repeal of the labor reform and the tax increase would be a "suicide", because many people would be left without protection and could not get ahead
  • He claims that the PP is shouldering and struggling for Spain to get the largest amount of European funds for COVID
  • Calls for unity and consensus so that Sánchez does not despise the four agreements offered by Casado and that the president stops posing dialogue as a "decoy"
  • Praises the management of the PP governments during the pandemic, whose recipe has been "anticipation, collaboration and transparency"
  • He claims that the PP has done more for Andalusia in a year and a half than the PSOE in 40 years. "Moreno is turning the Andalusia of the ERE and the beach bars into that of employment, the lowering of taxes, seriousness and the promises fulfilled", he emphasizes

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