Teodoro García Egea comparece ante los medios de comunicación.

Holders of their statements before the media:

  • "Electoral fraud" and "unconstitutional" as Sánchez's speech, in which there has been "no sign" of the promises he made in campaign to criminalize illegal referendums, audiovisual reforms for TV3 and other televisions and in educational matters to promote constitutional values.
  • "If we had to vote again today, many Spaniards would not vote again Sanchez after this morning's speech and the agreement with ERC."
  • He denounces, after the request of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo at the beginning of the plenary session so that the agreement with ERC was read in full, the refusal of the president of the Congress and points out that “now we understand it, since Sánchez has not said anything about his hidden negotiation with the independentistas ”.
  • He regrets that the socialist candidate has assumed the existence of two sides and clarifies that these are not what Sanchez talks about but “that of those who abide by the law and those who question it”, while censuring Adriana Lastra's statements about the JEC.
  • He celebrates that, following the decision of the Central Electoral Board, "Torra is no longer president of the Generalitat and Junqueras will serve his sentence like any other convicted person."
  • He criticizes that in his speech Sánchez has not mentioned the “greatest case of corruption that has hit our democracy”, the ERE. "He has talked more about Franco than the ERE," says García Egea, who points out that "I would have said a lot about him asking for forgiveness on this matter."
  • “Sanchez is itself a fake news and misinformation personified. ”
  • He maintains that the discourse of the socialist candidate is not aimed at improving the life of the Spaniards but rather "not disturbing their main partners."
  • Ensures that the real enemy in economic matters of Sanchez are the reforms of the PP, which brought prosperity to Spain, such as labor reform.
  • Remember that Sanchez has frozen for two times, once as deputy and once as acting president, the pensions of the Spaniards.
  • He announces that the Popular Party, with rigor and serious work, will put “in front of the mirror the separatists and Sanchez so that no one is above the law”.

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