El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea, en rueda de prensa


  1. He criticizes that for the Prime Minister, the priority is to stay in Moncloa, and hence this proposal, while "for the PP, the most important are the health workers and professionals who fight on the front line and do not deserve to go to work without protection."

  2. It demands rigor from the Government and a “clear plan to tackle the day before the day after” because we cannot add to the confusion as it happens now with the use of masks.

  3. He demands that parliamentary activity be resumed because "the people do not understand how, in a state of alarm, the government intends to take all power without anyone, not even the press, being able to control it.

  4. He insists that the health crisis cannot be an excuse for the government to make decisions unilaterally.

  5. He underlines that "the Government is finding more loyalty in the PP than in its partners", as was seen in the approval of the royal decrees and stresses that "Pablo Casado's outstretched hand to tackle the health crisis is total but not to collaborate in a setback in economic matters ”.

  6. "There is more unanimity in Spanish society than within the Council of Ministers. We have the worst government at the worst time because it has no capacity to react, "he says.

  7. Remember that "the PP is there whenever it is needed" and has supported the state of alarm because "it is the moment of responsibility and for all of us to shoulder our shoulders."

  8. He calls for measures to be taken such as the increase in salaries for toilets and FCSE, for the gross salary to be paid to those who are involved in the crisis, and for the self-employed not to be charged the fee if they cannot work.

  9. He advocates putting in place an economic recovery plan for when the crisis passes with measures such as those proposed by Casado.

  10. He wonders what it would cost if the self-employed who cannot open the blind do not pay their quota, if 200 billion euros are going to be put on the table. "We do not know why the government refuses to dialogue," he says.

  11. He reiterates the PP's proposal to postpone the payment of taxes until September and proposes that the relatives of the deceased do not have to pay inheritance and donation taxes in the autonomous communities where it is still in force.

  12. It urges the Government to act more rigorously when it comes to transferring its measures and makes it ugly that the opposition does not even know the texts of the royal decrees before their approval. "You have to dialogue much more," he says.

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