Headlines of the interview

  • Announces that the PP will present today in Congress a bill for the elimination of legal documents for the purchase of first home.
  • García Egea claims to have a fluid contact with Cs and Vox, that the negotiations progress and will continue to do so throughout the legislature as it is happening in Andalusia. "We have twenty days of term to go adjusting all the claims and get a stable legislature for the next four years, "he says.
  • "For me, more than the signature, the most important thing is that I have given my word and the hand to two political formations and everything to which I have committed will be fulfilled, "he says.
  • Reiterates that each party has to be aware of the role that has been given the citizens while remembering that Vox has four councilors at the Town Hall and, therefore, "is a decisive voice important, but not majority. "
  • Ask not to focus on positions "to the weight" because no training Policy by itself is entitled to a number of councils. "For that governments work well you need people who are adapt to the profile required by the position, "he says.
  • On the government of the Community of Madrid, García Egea bets by Diaz Ayuso as president, although it affects the teams negotiators are being "very scrupulous", now it is talking about programmatic issues and "the latest of what we will talk about the structure and positions of responsibility. "
  • Affirms that the PP will start working to reverse the situation in the municipalities of Huesca and Burgos "because there is a majority alternative and a last-minute error can not tarnish four years of government".
  • Emphasizes that the PP will vote against the investiture of Pedro Sánchez and advises all those who ask their party to abstain, Look first at what happened in Badalona where the Socialists have joined the separatists and the CUP to prevent Xavier García Albiol from governing.

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