El secretario general del PP, Teodoro García Egea, en rueda de prensa

  • "The entire PP is with the Community of Madrid and against the phantom committee of experts from Sánchez" that does not exist, says the secretary general, who accuses the president of fighting against the regional government "and not against the virus"
  • He considers that Madrid's intervention "is the first campaign act" of Minister Illa as a candidate for the autonomous elections in Catalonia
  • He assures that "thousands of lives" would have been saved if the Government had heeded the 11 alerts from the Department of Homeland Security. “This we cannot consent to. It's okay with lies, especially when you play with people's lives "
  • He remarks that the priority of the PP is, first of all, to save lives and then to save the economy, in the face of a government moved by ideological interests and to close Madrid
  • It announces that the PP will request the appearance of Carmen Calvo and Iván Redondo to explain why they hid from the Spanish that National Security warned the Government of the lethality of the virus 11 times between January and March
  • He asks Sánchez to “show his face” and explain in Congress why he said that mobility restrictions could only be done with a state of alarm and, nevertheless, he is now applying them in Madrid. "It is already good to play with the life of the Spanish from the Government," he says
  • He affirms that Sánchez, who was on vacation with the virus "roaming freely throughout Spain", refuses an investigation commission because he fears that the conclusion is that the only thing that has failed is him and his measures
  • Alerts Sánchez that a change in the law to "politicize Justice" would endanger European funds for Spain with possible EU sanctions
  • He proposes to depoliticize the Justice in the face of Sánchez's attempts to make the Judiciary "depend on him" and warns him that the PP will not allow Podemos to enter the CGPJ
  • He assures that when Sánchez does not reach agreements, he changes the law and his outstretched hand "becomes a slap in the face to judges and prosecutors to go out on his own with his Podemos partners"; "The day that Sánchez accepts that he cannot put his hands in Justice, let him call us"
  • He believes a shock plan and reforms to reactivate the economy are "essential", because after two years under Sánchez "we have the worst government at the worst time": more unemployment, less transparency, less freedom and more social tension
  • It regrets the level of job destruction that does not correspond to the triumphalism of the Labor Minister, since the thousands of unemployed Spaniards are not like Sánchez's friends who he places in different organizations
  • He reproaches that not even a line of the PGE is known and demands that the deficit path pass through Congress "without cheating or subterfuge", since when something does not fit for Sánchez, the law becomes a hindrance for him and he prefers adapt it to your own plans
  • Criticizes the "serious insults" of Pablo Iglesias to journalists protected by the Government. “Sánchez has linked his future to that of Pablo Iglesias. They can no longer distinguish one from the other "
  • Urge to continue with the "victory of the municipalities" against Sánchez's intention to confiscate their savings and demands an extraordinary fund of 5,000 million euros, as well as another 1,000 to rescue public transport
  • He warns that the motion of censure “is the nut that is missing from Frankenstein to approve the PGE and reinforce its majority ”. "It is good to tighten, grease and unite the Frankenstein, we are going to dedicate ourselves to defeating them and letting the Spanish know that there is an alternative "

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