He transfers his support to the seriously injured police in Catalonia and to the families of policemen and mossos that protect freedoms against violent people who set fire to streets and try to limit freedoms

"The Spanish are going to look for clear alternatives, such as the PP," he adds.

“On November 10, in addition to choosing between looking to the future or maintaining what we have now, we also choose whether we want to unlock Spain or keep it in the blockade, because trusting Pablo Casado and the PP will be a guarantee of unlocking” • Affirms that, after the elections, the Region of Murcia may have a president of the Government like Pablo Casado "who comes here to step on the ground and listen to the farmers, merchants and freelancers and not one who flies over this land to return to Moncloa"

Remember that after the great floods that Murcia has suffered and have affected the fauna and flora of the Mar Menor, Casado took to the president of the European Commission some proposals to obtain funds and that Europe is involved in the environmental restoration of the Region

"From the PP we do not ask who is the competence of a subject to act, but we are to solve the problems against the inaction of Sánchez"

He asks Murcia and Spaniards to bet “for a winning candidacy, which is a reflection of what we want for the Region of Murcia: people who can be trusted” • Ensures that, if Casado is president of the Government, “affairs of the Region of Murcia will be a matter of State ”

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