Interview holders:

  • Emphasizes the centrality of the PP in the negotiations to launch the "governments of freedom", with a broad dialogue when developing programs and government structures
  • Ensures that "everyone has to be aware of where they have put citizens when it comes to conditioning policies"
  • Warns that "if we focus on the charges to the peso and talk only of armchairs, we would be wrong and the public would be disappointed," and advocates "talk about programs" and then "have the best to meet them"
  • Bet on forming a "block of freedom" of the center-right parties to "deal with the nonsense" that Pedro Sánchez may propose this legislature
  • Denounces that the Socialist Party has agreed with the separatists and radicals in Badalona, ​​preventing García Albiol from governing, "who obtained more support at the polls than Pedro Sánchez," and adds that this PSOE can not now ask the PP to abstain in the investiture
  • Remember that your partners in the motion of censure "are there," as we have seen this weekend with the PSOE Government agreements with ERC, Bildu, PNV, "the radicals of Podemos and the communists of IU." "This is a declaration of intent", emphasizes
  • He considers that "it would be a surprise" for Puigdemont to collect his act of MEP in Congress today, although he points out that "with the independence people, everyone knows and everything is expected"
  • He notes that it is time for "street politics and speak Justice", after it has taken the trial of the you procés "With exquisite objectivity"
  • "No one can put a but if we are talking about judging facts, not attitudes and ideas. There is nothing to hold on to when criticizing a possible sentence in one way or another, "he concludes.

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