The secretary general of the PP stresses that Junqueras has been convicted of sedition and must comply with the penalties like any Spanish and European citizen, since "no one doubts that he has been convicted of attempting a coup d'etat" and must serve his sentence

After hearing the ruling of the European High Court, he affirms that we must wait “to see what it translates”, by leaving the application of measures that effectively enforce the penalty to which Junqueras has been condemned .

He denounces that by the Ábalos slip, we see that independence and self-determination are on the negotiating table, which shows that Sánchez is willing to give everything: “The PSOE has not closed the door to the unilateral path of ERC and negotiates the future of Spain behind the Spaniards ”.

Remember that Sanchez said textually that he was not going to agree with Bildu, something that has been questioned with the photo of this week and with his agreement in Navarra, where Bildu is necessary for the PSOE to govern and is presiding over agencies.

He believes that Sanchez has made the "boxer hug" to Iglesias and both have linked their destinies, so the Spaniards cannot be deceived: "Sanchez has no other plan than the one we can occupy the vice presidency."

Stresses that Pedro Sánchez, due to the “coherence” of the motion of censure, should not accept the support of the PNV, a party convicted of corruption, or JPCat, or even promote an investiture being the secretary general of the party that stole the money from the unemployed.

Announces that the PP is going to summon the councilors of the presiding governments and will tell Sánchez that what he wants to do in Andalusia is to intervene the accounts made by Minister Montero, who spent more; and urges him to intervene in Catalonia, or in Valencia, where it has been shown that Puig has lied to citizens.

He regrets that the PSOE wants to cross the constitutional limits with the objective that Sanchez is president, because it is clear that the support he receives from ERC is not to lower taxes or create employment, but to boost the unilateral way and independence of Catalonia.

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