The Secretary General of the PP, Teodoro García Egea: "My sincere, honest and hurt thanks to the Mossos, the national police and the civil guards, who are breaking their faces for all of us, our freedoms and our rights these days in Catalonia and Spain."

He affirms that "the Government of Sánchez wants to put order in the polls, he doesn't want to put order in Catalonia."

Remember that Sanchez signed with Torra to negotiate at a table of parties outside Parliament and with a rapporteur. "Let no one expect firmness and determination from this Government, because they simply do not believe in it," he says.

“If someone has engraved the word block on the flap of his jacket, that is Pedro Sánchez. He already had to leave the chamber once to unlock Spain and the 11N, it will be the second time he has to do it, ”he adds.

He says that the economy begins to show symptoms of drowning, to show a face that we saw a few years ago and we already know where the PSOE measures took us in the last crisis. Spain does not need radical and rupturist adventures.

"In the PP we have an exciting project for Spain, worked and inspired by the values, principles and ideas that have made our party and the Region great."

In the PP we will talk and talk about what differentiates a politician from an irresponsible politician: taxes, employment, education, health, housing, pensions, family, security, cohesion and Spain and not Franco, rich and poor, revolutions or federalisms asymmetric

“Today we can say that PP governments have lowered taxes and simplified the bureaucratic tangle and compliance with the word given. No one can say that the PP does not fulfill what it promises, ”he says.

"The next 10N we have the great opportunity to recover democratic normality and a project for Spain, facing the improvisation and marketing offered by the other political forces," he remarks.

He points out that "as of 11N there will be a government in Spain that will not leave Murcia: we are denied water, the infrastructure that strangles our growth and now we just have to blame us for the cold drop."

It requires the Socialist Government to immediately approve, on one of those social Fridays, a Royal Decree Law that includes all the measures and infrastructure of the Zero Discharge Plan. Murcia has to be more present in Madrid.

“Every unemployed person in the Murcia region is a problem for the Popular Party. We have to concentrate all our effort on job creation and for that we need to overcome the huge infrastructure deficit, ”he insists.

He adds that Murcia has to overcome the funding deficit that we dragged for a long time, because in this matter we talk about education, health, public services for all citizens.

We need to give certainty to our farmers, industries to our productive fabric, in reference to water. We have shown that we are capable of leading the exports of the agri-food sector.

We have to support our young people and we have a responsibility to leave later generations a Spain and a cleaner, more sustainable, efficient and more economically viable Murcia.

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