El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

"Why have the same criteria not been followed for all the autonomous communities?" Asks the secretary general, who opposes the decisions taken by the autonomous presidents of the PP that "have saved lives" compared to those of Sánchez, who have based on "whims" and subjective criteria

He denounces that the criteria, the names of the experts and the indicators that have led the Government to decide which territories pass the phase are unknown, and that even socialist presidents, such as Ximo Puig, complain about the “obscurantism” of the Executive

"Today we know the names of the experts who have recommended Juanma Moreno to make decisions based on known and objective criteria, and we still do not know the names of the experts who have advised Sánchez on the phases that the CCAA must undertake," emphasizes García. Aegean

It proposes that the decisions that are adopted be made according to "experts, indicators and known criteria"

He regrets that in the face of the distribution of masks in the CAM, "we do not know of any measure by Sánchez to further protect the population or carry out massive tests." "The Spanish are alone in the face of the tremendous responsibility that the Government has ceased to exercise to protect the population and provide security"

Values ​​that the autonomies governed by the PP have launched aid for self-employed and SMEs, extra payments for health, as in the Provincial Council of Alicante, and tax cuts to municipal fees and services. "The objective is that those who enter phase 1 only have to worry about starting their business and creating jobs, and not paying the administrations," he adds.

He explains that Ana Pastor and Enrique López have assisted the Management Committee to promote the work that the PP will take to the Parliamentary Commission for Reconstruction. "Clear, simple and direct proposals at the heart of our economy, SMEs and the self-employed"

Condolences to the families of the more than 100 people who have died in the last 24 hours as a result of a "terrible disease that has plagued us for too long"

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