El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

"While Iglesias points to journalists and the media and insults freedom of expression, Sánchez is silent"

The attack by the Vice President of the Government on freedom of expression is “intolerable”, pointing out “with names and surnames to journalists who do their job” instead of giving explanations.

"Iglesias is the only one guilty of being investigated," he says, because the courts are pointing him out as one of the people who bathes in the sewers of the State and blackmails an innocent girl with information "and affirms that the PP will demand responsibility.

He considers it "sad" that "Sánchez is more concerned with the scandals of churches than with lowering taxes on those who create wealth" because "citizens need a president to deal with real problems."

He describes as "very serious" and "a huge mistake" that Sánchez did not attend the funeral this afternoon in memory of the 40,000 victims of the pandemic who will preside over Their Majesties Los Reyes.

"This afternoon 40,000 people will be missing and also the Prime Minister, who has decided to go to Portugal instead of being with the victims," ​​he regrets.

He underlines the importance of having rulers "sensitive to the tragedy we have experienced, which we cannot forget in memory of those who have died and those who have left their skin to care for others."

He urges Sánchez to ask the President of Portugal about his relationship with the Portuguese opposition because, as he recalled, in Portugal there is dialogue and agreements are reached with other parties.

"The PP + Cs coalition is going to make useful politics and defend the people that Spain and the Basque Country really raise."

He criticizes the announcement by the Minister of Agriculture of the possible application of a tax on Spanish wines for the "disastrous management of the Government in its diplomatic relations".

"On July 12, you have to decide between the PNV and its partners or a sensible alternative." "On July 12, we chose between those who put a tax on La Rioja Alavesa wine and those who want to remove it," he points out.

He emphasizes that the PP has presented a real plan to improve the primary sector with measures such as promoting the hiring of young people because "without this sector it is impossible to get ahead".

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