El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

Headlines of your interview:

• Stresses that tourism is essential for our country and criticizes that the Executive wants to impose 14 days of quarantine on tourists who come to Spain while Pablo Iglesias skips it

• Reiterates that confinement and alarm status can be a temporary and exceptional solution, but should not be extended throughout the legislature

• Remember that the PP supported the Government, without the need for a call from Pedro Sánchez, to protect the health of the Spanish, but that there are now alternative plans to limit the mobility of the population and a legal framework to protect its decisions

• “It is time for mass tests and to recover the economy. It is not the time of the comfort of the Government but of that of the Spanish ", he points out

• It emphasizes plan B of the PP that contemplates the application of the current ordinary legislation, such as the Public Health Law and the Citizen Security Law; a “Cajal” Pact for Health in the Reconstruction Commission; and some economic proposals that go through reviving tourism.

• Reminds Simancas that "there are those who think that Spain is at the head of deaths from coronavirus due to the disastrous management of the Government" and regrets that the only way for the PSOE to defend itself against the health crisis is to attack Madrid and the president Diaz Ayuso

• "For the PP there are no citizens who are governed by the PP or the PSOE: there are Spaniards and in all the CCAA we are going to put our shoulders to end this crisis," he says

• "We are used to the government distributing defamation against PP governments instead of masks"

• He accuses the Executive of negotiating with the health of the Spaniards "to maintain the little health that remains for the Government" and remarks that we still do not know who has decided that Madrid remains in phase 0 and other regions move to phase 1

• "The time for responsibilities will come and, without a doubt, it is drawing near," he says.

• He assures that the controversy over Díaz Ayuso's apartment "has been sufficiently clarified" and regrets that Pablo Iglesias defends a constructive spirit and then dedicates himself to smearing the Madrid president

• Remarks that the relationship between PP and CS "is excellent". "We are different parties, but wherever we govern together, we act in one direction," he says.

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