El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

He stresses that Ábalos has come out "touched on his credibility" and from now on "the Spaniards will wonder if everything he says will be second, third or fourth version." "Other ministers fell for less and in less time," he recalls.

He affirms that "the Ábalos case is the case of lies, not of Venezuela, and a government cannot be built on a great lie."

Stresses the "permanent and total harmony" with Citizens with whom the PP shares the objective of "preventing the left to govern" and states that, from there, we must "establish what mechanisms allow to achieve that goal."

To do this, he advocates “matching the needs” and “moving from a positional negotiation to a needs management”. "The main one is to go together and get governments for freedom and lower taxes," he says.

He is convinced that in the Basque Country and Catalonia both formations are going to agree because “the fragmentation of the right center is a great favor that has been done to Sanchez and, in addition, the voters ask for it”.

He explains that “in Catalonia and the Basque Country, the objective is for constitutionalism to be reorganized again” around a formula such as Navarra Suma.

Remember that in Galicia the PP “has a brand that brings together the entire right center” and even left-center voters who feel represented with the PP's way of managing.

The PP is going to denounce “the contradictions of the Government with rigor and figures” and being the “voice in the Hemicycle” of what the Spaniards think in the street: that they don't want more lies nor that Sanchez's tolls are paid by the General Budget of the State.

He urges Sanchez to specify in the PGE the departure of their tolls to the independentists "so that we know what it costs us to have Sanchez sitting on the blue bench."

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