Announces that if the Prosecutor does not act ex officio, the PP will take the case to Justice

It requires Pedro Sánchez to explain the alleged purchase of votes of the PSOE in Huévar being the general secretary of the party and announces that if the Prosecutor does not act ex officio, the PP will take the case to Justice

Criticizes the use of all state institutions that have become "the institutions of Pedro Sánchez", while the PP uses the power of ideas and principles of Casado to conquer citizens

Remember that in the Sevillian town there is a mayor of the PP because citizens have not yielded to the blackmail of the PSOE

He denounces the unlocking of transfers to the Autonomous Communities a few weeks after the Spaniards go to the polls and ensures that Minister Montero should give an explanation or withdraw and ask for forgiveness, because she has been withholding money from citizens and communities by electoralism

He thinks that the polls reflect that the Spaniards have realized that the fragmentation of the center-right vote does not make sense. “If we think the same fundamentally, it makes no sense that we go separately”

“We have to unite to avoid having a Bildu representative in Congress and that seat is for the PP”

He regrets that Pedro Sánchez only gets to work when there are elections and that he returns to play with very important issues for citizens such as pensions. "We don't have much hope that the PSOE will be consistent," he says.

“Sanchez has no word, I don't say it, his partners say. They made him president in a motion of censure and then he could not reach a government agreement with them ”

He assures that “the PP is not the continuism of Pedro Sánchez, we are the alternative” and he remembers that he has already chosen his partners, in Navarra to Bildu and in the Barcelona deputation to independence. "We cannot participate in a government that destroys the economy, raises taxes and creates uncertainty," he says.

“Politics comes to agree and agree for the good of citizens and not parties. We have a project of change, of progress and of agreement in the fundamental as in the reduction of taxes applied by Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Juanma Moreno ”, he says

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