El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

Holders of his speech at the conference-breakfast "Urban Agenda 2030. New City Forum"

  • Stresses that Sanchez "buys support from some and does not pay what he owes to others", which is why he did not attend Casado yesterday and already had the answer ready before listening to his proposals for dialogue, when he offered him stability if he broke up with the independentistas .
  • It denounces that the increase in fees for financial and technological transactions approved by the Government of Sanchez will cause other countries to put fees on our products, something that farmers and ranchers will pay.
  • He believes it is necessary to reach pre-election agreements with Citizens, which in the Basque Country "allow us to add and agglutinate the entire electoral spectrum" and other formulas in Galicia, "to add valuable people to enrich our candidacies."
  • He regrets that, with Sánchez, every day that passes we have a Spain that is more empty of employment and opportunities, as opposed to the one that wants to fill the PP of innovation and future, to change the blockade of those who arrive at Moncloa do the opposite that they promised in the campaign .
  • He believes that in the case of Ábalos and Sánchez with Delcy Rodríguez there is absolute certainty and that “Ábalos has lied to all Spaniards and is touched on their credibility”, so the PP wants the facts of what happened in Decks
  • He hopes that Sánchez, Ábalos and the president of AENA will deliver the images of the Barajas airport, a sign that they have nothing to hide. If they do not, they will continue to show that we are before the Government of lies.
  • Stresses that in every corner of Spain there is a councilor of the PP, something that is not improvised: “It is the fruit of years of work of a party that is heir to the work of many others, formed by sedimentation, not by flood, like others , that as they come they leave. ”
  • Values ​​Gema Igual, mayor of Santander, as "an example of management, efficiency, equality and hard work" who, unlike the unstable Government of Sanchez or the Government of the slogan of Revilla, "guarantees the facts."
  • He transfers the support of the PP to the workers of SNIACE and the region of Torrelavega and condemns the "forgetting and abandonment" of the socialist government.

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