The Secretary General of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, today criticized the Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Government, to whom he has said that he can not make the PP responsible for his inability to obtain support for his investiture.

"If a year ago he was able to unite Podemos, Bildu, PNV and ERC, today he can not look to the Constitutionalists for support that he has not sought throughout Spain," said García Egea, who reminded Sánchez that in territories like Badalona, ​​Castelldefels, the Diputación de Barcelona or Navarra, it has wanted to rely on the nationalists "who do not defend equal opportunities", instead of "in the constitutionalists who defend freedom".

Garcia Egea recalled how Sánchez a year ago evicted a government of the "legitimately elected" PP, which had approved some good budgets for Spain, and a year later, are offering "some disastrous fruits for Spain", having to extend the GEA of the previous exercise.

Faced with this situation, Theodore Garcia has reiterated that the PP is the alternative to the PSOE "today and always", and has urged him to "look among the partners who made him president once" to support him in the investiture Of the next week.

He has also demanded that Pedro Sánchez respond to the offer of hand that Pablo Casado proposed a year ago at the Palacio de la Moncloa, promising to support budgets in exchange for a tax reduction, as well as give stability to the legislature if it was committed to a reform of the electoral law or to state pacts regarding water, infrastructures or regional financing.

According to the secretary general of the PP, it would be "a shame" that Pedro Sánchez was not able to "agree to articulate a government around himself" and that this would mean the electoral repetition. "Citizens are not willing to tolerate that politicians are not able to agree," he added.


Teodoro García Egea has also announced that the PP has filed an appeal for a writ of protection to the TC for this body to review the compliance of all deputies and senators that the day of taking office did not swear loyalty specifically to the Constitution, but to the referendum of October 1, to the independence process or to the unilateral declaration of independence, in case these could "have some character that invalidates them".


Before attending the constitution of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Teodoro García congratulated himself on the agreement reached so that Fernando López Miras will be the next president of the Region of Murcia, and thanked in this sense the "generosity" of Citizens and the "Height of view" of Vox in the process of negotiations for the next investiture.

For the secretary general of the PP, the measures proposed by Vox can be incorporated into the government program previously reached with Citizens, for being "common demands and shared by the three parties," and added that "today is a good day for Murcia, which let's hope it's a prelude to a good day for the Community of Madrid. "

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