Martínez-Almeida on the royal decree on local spending: "Moncloa does not have to tell us where to apply the money"
Today, during an interview on esRadio

The general secretary of the PP recalls that if Pablo Iglesias were not measured "he would be automatically charged"

– "Sánchez is the first president to have the mid-government party charged with illegal financing"

– Criticizes that Iglesias has requested not to go to the control session to the Government next Wednesday "so as not to answer my question"

– Remember that Pedro Sánchez arrived at La Moncloa after a motion of censure in which he said that he was going to banish corruption and today he has a vice president on the way to the Supreme Court and a party in the Government accused of illegal financing. "How can you present yourself as an example of honesty and honesty?"

– He regrets that Iglesias clings to "the position and the seat" and is more concerned about his "legal problems" than about people collecting the Minimum Living Income

-Declaim that the Government that has defended so much equality between men and women has its vice president accused by the Justice of a crime aggravated by gender

– He assures that "no one knows how the 140,000 million of the European fund will be distributed" and anticipates that "they will be destined to pay favors from Sánchez and not to create employment"

– "Employment collapses throughout Spain but rises in Moncloa: if you are a friend of Pedro Sánchez and have the PSOE card, you find work," he says, while denouncing that two former socialist senators have gone on to direct public companies related to the construction of submarines and underwater electronics while they have fired two naval engineers

– He remarks that the PP has always respected judicial processes and the presumption of innocence and points out that who is accused "is not just any deputy if not the vice president of a government"

– He wonders what the former socialist minister and state attorney general, Dolores Delgado, is going to do in the Dina case and if she is going to give any instructions or has given them in some other case. "All the cases in which it intervenes must have maximum transparency," he says.

– Affirms that by naming Delgado "by finger", "Sánchez has degraded the institution of Justice"

– Criticizes that while "we are leaders in youth unemployment and triple the job destruction in the EU, Sánchez promises to create 800,000 jobs, as Felipe González did, when the only certainty is that they will raise taxes on the self-employed

– "With the most expensive government in history, Sánchez is putting into debt to the generation that right now we take by the hand to school," he says

– He points out that the polls show that the only way to get Sánchez and the PSOE out of La Moncloa is to agglutinate the vote around the PP

– "The motion of censure does not add up and will only serve for Sánchez to be reinforced and applauded by his majority Frankenstein and, collaterally, we will make the Vox candidate famous in Catalonia"

– Remember that all the decisions of the PP governments are based on medical and scientific criteria and criticize the orders ad hoc of the Government of Sánchez. "In the Ministerial Order they have lacked to state that they will confine those cities that are called Madrid and its regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso"

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