Holders of statements before the media

  • He says that "it is clear that Spain wants a stable government, and deserves a stable government, but what Spain does not want or deserve is a socialist government."
  • He accuses Pedro Sánchez of being “a danger to the stability of Spain” because, after a hundred days since the general elections, he has only managed to add the support of a PRC deputy.
  • Stresses that, "after the formation of regional and local governments, whose elections were later than general, Sanchez is the only one left to give a solution to the situation of blockade we have on the table."
  • He points out that "between meetings and meetings, Sanchez should start looking for solutions instead of making excuses and putting problems in the formation of a government in Spain."
  • He affirms that the PP is proud of its history, of forty years in which it has transformed municipalities and entire regions, as it intends to do with Andalusia, since when the Spaniards have needed to solve their problems, they have resorted to the PP.
  • She agrees with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, next president of the Community of Madrid, in which we must look to the future and recognize what has been done well in the past.

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