“Sánchez is not reliable even for his partners. One cannot offer one day ministries to Podemos and the next day ask for the abstention of the PP ”

"Sanchez and the PSOE have already chosen their partners and it is being checked in Navarra, where instead of letting the constitutionalists who have won the elections govern, they want to govern by clearly agreeing with Bildu."

Explain that "you can not ask the PP to abstain because it represents the alternative to the PSOE." "It is not serious or credible because when you look for the partners that the PSOE has looked for now you cannot look for the PP."

"All members of the PP are clear that Sanchez is not reliable and we can not abstain because the next day the Popular Party as a whole would pay everything Sanchez could do."

"Sanchez's inability to reach agreements is what is blocking Spain." "If there is now a clash of egos by Sánchez and Iglesias that do not come to the PP to solve their problems."

He criticizes that "there has not been a single programmatic agreement that indicates that the PSOE and Podemos have been negotiating measures that improve people's lives, they have simply negotiated armchairs and that is a bargain to continue installed in Moncloa."

He points out that the municipal and regional elections were held after the general ones and the regional executives will be completed before the national one, which “demonstrates the null capacity to reach Sanchez's agreements when it is not about agglutinating support around a motion of censure".

He warns that "Spain would not understand that there were elections again" and recalls that the PP already criticized in its day that in a month two electoral processes were held instead of doing them together.

Respond to those who ask that the PP refrain so that there is no electoral repetition, that the Popular Party could also request that Sanchez refrain from governing the sum of PP, Citizens, Vox and other parties.

"A year ago Sánchez had countless support that allowed him to be president and a year later he has dynamited the trust of all his partners."

He assures that Murcia will be the "prelude to what can happen in Madrid" and considers that "it is necessary to continue advancing in the programmatic agreements that we have with Citizens and Vox".

"I am optimistic. What has happened in Murcia is the example that when the PP agrees fundamentally, the governments start. ”

He affirms that “whenever the PP applies its prescriptions to governments, people live better, jobs are created and less taxes are paid”.

Contrasts "the ability to reach agreements by the PP of Casado with the inability of Sánchez to achieve a stable government for Spain."

“The Community of Madrid must be the last demonstration that we can agree for the benefit of citizens. That it does not happen as it happened in the tribune of the Congress, that a partner puts in face to another what has not been able to be ”.

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