· Denounces the attempt of the socialist candidate to whitewash the pact with Podemos because "the coalition government had already spoken much more" with the formation of churches, as they have already done in other parts of Spain in reference to Valencia and the Balearic Islands

"It is a hidden pact without light or stenographers; we have not seen a single programmatic document on which that government is based, which is going to be of tension, "he criticizes.

Ensures that "the strategy of requesting the abstention of the constitutionalists was a smokescreen because there has been a hidden negotiation of which we know practically nothing". Remember the "soflamas" of the possible ministers of Podemos against the King and talking about political prisoners and he sees "it is difficult for Sanchez to get away from that extremist drift to which Podemos is taking him."

Considers that from now on in Congress "the constitutionalists must be united in action" and "coordinated to ensure that Sánchez does not have it easy when raising taxes and deficits and making concessions" such as pardoning prisoners that can be condemned. Bet on "agglutinate around the PP to all those people who think the same thing fundamentally".

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