Sesión de Control al Gobierno

He accuses the Government of “lack of coordination” and ensures that in just one month the last name of the Executive of Sánchez e Iglesias is “the one of the lie”

He urges Iglesias to indicate to the Foreign Minister what his position regarding Venezuela is, to explain to Marlaska what Spanish soil is and to try to make Ábalos tell a truth, "that only you know."

Given the objectives set by the 2030 agenda, he reminds Iglesias that “equality is not that there are Spaniards first and second as you intend to do with the table with ERC, sustainability is not taking the Falcon to go to the concert, or employment Worthy is to destroy more than 240,000 jobs in January. ”

He affirms that Sánchez and Iglesias have taken almost a year to agree “the Government of all against Spain”. "Never have so many owed so much to so few," he criticizes.

He regrets that the rise of Iglesias to Vice President of the Government has cost Spain the employment of 14,000 young people, 20,000 women and more than 30,000 farmers who, in his opinion, “have many more reasons to be on the street than Iglesias to sit in his seat. "

Ironiza with which Iglesias "has decided to enter fully into the system, after so many years against the system." "You have invented elite communism: they used to distribute the production goods, now they distribute the ministries," he says.

He believes that the "problem" of Iglesias "is that" Sánchez is trying to minimize his role "and therefore" has given him a portfolio of maximum exposure, but minimum skills. "

"If you intend to put a head on climate change and the energy transition, ask Jordi Sevilla how Mrs. Ribera spends them," he says.

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