The PP of Badajoz city asks the Electoral Board to investigate the votes of the inspectors of the PSOE of 26M
It makes this request to review the scrutiny of May 26, after confirming the collegiate body that a socialist auditor voted twice in the city

  • He describes Sanchez's statements about the Prosecutor's Office as "barbaric" and assures that the president of the acting Government "has become the best lawyer in Puigdemont."
  • He maintains that Sanchez is "totally undone" and that, as a result of nervousness, he is transferring an image of the Government that harms the interests of Spain.
  • He denounces the “courtship” to Sánchez's independence workers, as he made clear in the electoral debate by refusing to answer Casado's question about whether or not to agree with Torra or Junqueras.
  • Remember that the PP has already requested that the illegal call for a referendum be criminalized, so that "we are glad that Sánchez is copying the PP, because it means that we are on the right track."
  • He emphasizes that each economic data that we are knowing “is worse than the previous one”, in reference to unemployment figures or growth forecasts. "The Spaniards are clear that, in addition to electing the President of the Government next Sunday, we will also do so who will manage the crisis and the economic slowdown that is coming," he adds.
  • Warn that the 10N "" a vote to the PSOE, Podemos, Errejón, Citizens or Vox, in the end it will end, either in the block on the left, or fragmenting the center-right getting Sanchez to win the elections and returning back to blocking. ”
  • Invites the Spaniards to bet on the PP, "with a renewed and future project". "We are the only alternative, the only ones that can beat Pedro Sánchez and unlock the situation," he adds.
  • He points out that if the 10N gathers the vote around the PP "we will be able to get Sánchez out of La Moncloa and have a focused, serious, rigorous, moderate government that looks to the future, and does not return the nightmare of the crisis."
  • He points out that the "adversary" of the PP is Pedro Sánchez and his "enemy" unemployment and economic slowdown. "
  • He emphasizes that the PP "never renounces its fundamental program and its DNA" and remembers that it has agreed "across Spain and with 12 matches".
  • “Sanchez raised these elections as a personal plebiscite. If you take out less than 123 seats this Sunday, you will have lost your personal referendum and have made us spend about 200 million euros. Therefore, its continuity should be considered at the head of Spain's main left-wing party ”after 10N.

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