Holders of his speech at the close of an act of the PP

  • The general secretary of the PP describes as "shame" that the PSOE announces, once again, a tax increase when raising tolls on the highways. "Putting tolls on the highways will not affect Sanchez" because he always travels by plane, but it will be the citizens who "have to scratch their pockets."
  • He emphasizes that Spain cannot be allowed to continue raising taxes. "It cannot be that every news of the PSOE is a tax increase" and that each measure is "a punishment for workers, the middle classes and the self-employed."
  • He criticizes that the PSOE accuses the PP of being the one who is preventing the government from being in Spain, when the reality is that "the left blocks" for "its inability to agree".
  • He proposes to Pedro Sánchez that perhaps the one who must abstain is the PSOE, when he is unable to reach agreements with his partners, and thus leave the constitutionalists who defend equality, liberty and low taxes to govern.
  • "I ask the PSOE to refrain from raising tolls, to put more taxes, to annoy the management in Andalusia and to continue pressing the CC.AA. of the PP to try to export its failed socialist model," he says.
  • He points out that in the investiture debate of the candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “we are all going to do our part”, because the parties that will make her president will show that they fulfill their commitments, “what differentiates us from the left”.
  • Before a hypothetical electoral repetition, remember that the PP is "the common house of all those who are to the right of the PSOE" and that the Spaniards can trust the PP, bringing together all those who have always believed in Spain, in freedom and in constitutionalism.

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